Frequently Asked Concrete Questions

How long does it take for placement of a new driveway?


It depends on the size of the driveway, most residential driveways are done in two days, sometimes one, however you must not drive on new concrete for a minimum of seven days!

Can you repair the sunken asphalt in front of our garage?


Yes, we do many of these.  The problem almost always arises due to water draining between the garage slab and the asphalt.  More than not by the time the repair is made there is foundation damage at the garage  slab which we easily repair when we pour the new concrete

apron, providing you don't WAIT TOO LONG!  Feel free to call with questions.

Do you do masonry work?


Yes we do, both residential and commercial concrete and masonry.  We have done many basements and additions as well a large scale tuckpointing and repair projects in the commercial arena.